film editing

Editing Room (2009)

the life of a film editor.

directed by Umberto Martins
edit: Umberto Martins e Thiago Abe
photography: Rafael Levy
2nd cam: Thiago Abe
design: Gabriel Bitar
assistant: Rui Fontes

soundtrack: Luz Negra by Fernanda Takai

são paulo, brasil – 2009


The Master's Voice - Caveirão (2013)

i’ve worked only in a pre-edit, a really rough cut… but i still add it here because it was a great pleasure to help someone who i admire the work. also, it was shot in a place i really like – vila maria zélia – home to the theater group xix.

Caveirão from Guilherme Marcondes on Vimeo.

written, directed and produced by Guilherme Marcondes

editing by RJ Glass

full credits at the end of the film.

são paulo, brasil – 2013


Cities and Desire Nº5 (2010)

animation short based on the work by Italo Calvino.

directed by Gabriel Bitar

Based on one of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, this animation tells the story of several men who had the same dream, in which they pursued a woman in a city. They searched for the city to find the woman, but they could only find one another. They decided, then, to build a city exactly like the one from the dream, but with something different, so that she wouldn`t scape this time.

brasil – 2010


Passage (2009)

Documentary about french cultural influence on brazilian contemporary music.

with Tom Zé, Edgard Scandurra, Dudu Tsuda, Tiê, Thiago Pethit, Banda Suite and the group Nouvelle Vague.

director: Brenno Castro
photography: Brenno Castro | Natalia Piserni
editor: Thiago Abe
editor assistant: Rui Fontes
post coordinator: Andrea Lopes | Camila Doimo
director of production: Ale Mroz Tastardi
production coordinator: Ana Monte
script: Marcelo Caetano | Cristina Gomes
production: Heitor Dhalia | Tatiana Quintella | Patrick Siaretta

Belongs to the serie “Voilà Brasil”, from TV Cultura.

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